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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I just double-checked, I didn't use the word "useless".

You obviously have a major problem with mere suggestions, never mind criticisms.

It's not ridiculous to point out that this can be done a lot better with a few hours of work.

Look man, you spent about 30 minutes looking up draft lists on hockeydb/wikipedia and then showed that Timmins is "above average": something we all already knew from having seen other people including ourselves do the exact same trick numerous times. Did you expect to be celebrated as a hero for your groundbreaking insight?
Obviously your misunderstanding me, where am I asking to be called a hero? I am making a point and you either agree with it or disagree with it. Arguing about how I didn't put enough effort into making it isn't useful, dont you see that?

I dont want to get into an argument about how we both suck individually and collectively, can we stay on topic here?

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I'll tell you what, if you actually have not seen that same post before, elsewhere, and you came up with the idea on your own, then kudos to you. But really, since that post has been written 100 times, and we don't learn anything new when somebody else writes the same post, it's valid to ask how it can be done better.

But if you have not seen it before, then great. I wrote a similar post in 2008 or so when I was just starting to read hockey message boards.
In the X amount of years I have been here I have never seen this done. Kudos to you for doing this but note that 2008 was 5 years ago. I don't believe I was posting on these boards at that time. The only reason I made this post was because I was tired of people saying that 2nds are worthless and Timmins is average. 2nds have a lot of value, the percentage of getting an NHL player is quite high and I just wanted to prove that. I didnt go into extreme detail because I didnt feel it was necessary this was enough to prove my point which I think I did more than adequately.

Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
It's an easy thing to do, just use where the player is selected as the rank. They come sorted, some players are selected 1st, some 2nd, and so on.

The harder part is evaluating players. You cannot sort the impact of players as well as you can sort their draft rank.
It seems easy but then I will get a clone of you saying you cant do that! The first overall pick holds significantly more value than the 5th, by the formula you were presenting I could trade someone my 3rd pick (70th overall) for their 3rd pick (80th overall) and that would be more valuable than trading up from 7th overall to 1st overall. Evaluating the players isnt difficult and even if there are errors by eluding to that your missing the point. The point of this thread is to say that your chances of drafting an NHL player under Trevor Timmins in the top two rounds is pretty high (~71%). Can it be +- 5%? Sure, why not but it doesn't change the fact that if we trade two seconds we are trading at least one NHL player and possibly a true impact player. If we trade them for a 3rd/4th liner thats a bad trade. Do you understand?

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