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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
We will only find out at the draft. In watching that clip of the Laughton selection, Homer was clearly on the phone considering trading down, if he thought he could get Laughton a bit later.

The Flyers' scouts are excellent. If they like Morin better than others, they will pick him, or trade down if they think he will slide.

IF you really do think Morin is in the top 10 prospects, and you can get two lower first rounds for #11 to get Morin + another good player, you think long and hard about it.

Even then, you have to wait until #10 is picked, to see who slips....

If you truly believe that a player is a top 10 talent in the draft and he's available at 11 then you take him. You just don't risk the chance of another team being high on him too and you losing out on that guy. The ONLY way that you trade down is if at your pick (#11 for us) you have a group of players that you feel are all pretty close with no one player standing out heads and tails above the rest. THAT is when you trade down a few spots knowing you will still get one of the guys in the group you have rated all about the same and in the process picking up an extra pick in the process.

Believing that you are smarter than everyone else and can get the "steal of the draft" later by trading down more often than not backfires on you. Teams ALWAYS rate players differently than other teams and this is why we see teams going "off the board", reaching, and certain players falling in the draft. You can bet that if the public draft boards have a guy rated to go 20th but you see something in him that makes you believe he's in the top 10 of the class that at least one other team has sees him as being better than #20 too. Maybe they don't have him at 10, maybe it's 15 for them, but the chances of him being available at 20 is probably remote.

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