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06-02-2013, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
Of course we had choices, don't be ridiculous
We did? Please elaborate.
We had Budaj, that's it. So what else?
Trading him was not going to happen, so scratch that one out.
So what else? Sign an UFA goalie that isn't even close to being as good as Price? And then what? What's the point of that? That would be a really dumb move, so scratch that.
So what are these other choices we had?

Really, when you deeply think it through, there wasn't any respectable choice.

Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I don't understand why people say we didn't have a choice. We had the choice to do with Price what we did with Subban. Could have went with another bridge deal with Price since he had not proven himself yet.

Anyway, I'll never understand why we gave both length and terms to an unproven guy. If we were giving 7 years, we should have gotten a discount on the cap hit. Instead we paid a premium. Mind boggling.
You don't understand? It's pretty simple. Our only other option was Budaj.

We could not have held out Price, he would have been eligible for arbitration. Perhaps that's a route you would have preferred, but with no goalies in our ranks, I don't see how management would have gone there.
I was hoping for a deal around 4.5M, but there are two sides that negotiate and when one has you by the balls, the contract reflects the situation.
Price camp had all the power, that's why he got this huge deal.
Bergevin camp had all the power vs PK, that's why PK got such a tiny deal even his critics were surprised by.

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