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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
But the BPA is entirely subjective anyways. You and I may disagree on who's the BPA, same thing for scouts. Personally I wouldn't go for a draft for need attitude unless you are seriously lacking in that department. It's been two years that I've said we need to draft a goalie, and we seriously should. But each round is different, and it doesn't mean that we should use our #1 pick for our need. I think in the first round, you have to go with BPA.
But my point is, let say you you have no real centermen in your prospect pool and at least 4-5 very good d-men prospects. It's your turn to talk and you have a choice between Nurse and Monahan. Who will you go for? And based your opinion on the fact that for half of your scouting crew, Nurse is the better athlete, better overall player and best talent...and the other half is leaning towards Monahan. As BPA is often not as clear cut as some would like to believe. Especially since it's not about best player RIGHT NOW, but best possibility of potential later. So in that example, I will believe that needs kick in.

How do we really determine who's BPA between Jones and MacKinnon. Is Mac BPA based on the Mem Cup? Wasn't Jones BPA based on the WJC? They both had great seasons...playing a different season, in a different environment....who's the BPA really? So when you are unable to really answer it...won't you go with needs then? Edmonton has all those forwards yet, can't defend properly...wouldn't their needs count? Why is it that the talk is already there that Nurse goes #7? Is Nurse REALLY a clear BPA? What if Nichuskin is still available? And so on.

Again, the needs talk is not about "Okay so we're the AVS and we NEED a goalie hence we will then go for Fucale as the #1 instead of Jones. I don,t think the needs talk was ever about that. But between 2 players that you could see yourself have no problem picking, I would believe that needs kicks in if there's a real need to fill up here. People say that you don't go for needs as your needs will most likely be different in 2-3-4 years...Well as we see, it takes time to change the culture. We've been talking for a big centerman for how many years again? And how about those great powerforwards? How about having some depth in goaltending? Or having more puck moving D-men, or even big punishing ones? Thing is, since it's not everybody who develop as you expect, it might takes more than 1 or 2 drafts to fix partially your needs. And if you can't fix it through UFA or trades, well the draft is still the way to go...and you still have to drafts quite a few guys to get a small minority to play.

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