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Originally Posted by tbcwpg View Post
I liked Yuen, I remember on draft day he was touted as being great value in round 4. That said, I think if the choice was Brassard OR Yuen, Brassard makes a bit more sense due to organizational depth (or lack there of on RW). Sure, LHD is kind of weak too, but D overall is pretty strong right now so I'd like to have some added RW depth.

Not signing him is a little odd, although perhaps they're hoping to get some great guys in the top 3 rounds this year and don't want extra spots towards the 50 contract limit being taken up.

So, the 2011 draft has produced:
Round 1 - Mark Scheifele, C - signed
Round 2 - no pick
Round 3 - Adam Lowry, LW - signed
Round 3 - Brennan Serville, D - NCAA
Round 4 - Zachary Yuen, D - not signed
Round 5 - Austen Brassard, RW - signed
Round 6 - Jason Kasdorf, G - NCAA
Round 7 - Aaron Harstad, D - NCAA?
Not really...

LHD depth for the Jets seems to be consensus:
large drop
Kulda (RFA, possibly gone to KHL)
Melchiori/Yuen (which one 1st depends who you talk to)
large drop

RW depth for the Jets seems to be consensus:
<- spot for Chevy's hypothetical wish list for this offseason
large drop
Kubalik (possible KHL and expiring)

... then you can add in that Scheifele, Burmistrov, Wright, O`Dell, Klingberg, Telegin and Olsen have all taken time on the RW

Also, almost any guy from the next draft would be 2-4 years for possibility of contract. Even Lowry used up his full Jr eligibility before being signed to an ELC. (what holden said below)

IMO it's something either A didn't like B or B didn't like A anymore... it happens

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