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10-07-2006, 05:45 PM
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I said it would have been only about a 1 mil difference, which is entirely true since he would have signed for less here at around 6mil. I don't have to go look at the Canucks roster, our roster is what I look at. Sure our depth up front would not include a player of Bertuzzi's calibre, but we could have made a couple moves to round out the roster.
If it were true that he would've signed here for less...he'd be in net tonight for the Panthers. The fact that he isn't and signed with Vancouver for more money proves he's full of ****. What moves exactly could have been made to make this team more competitive with Luongo here? Hmmm? You've seen Vancouver's team right?

If you add the salaries of Bert, Allen, Auld, Salei and Belfour that amounts to around 12-13 mil. If we keep Luongo and sign Mclennan and Salei, we still have 3-4 mil to play with to get to our current payroll. Not to mention more if we had let Jackman walk. So, overall the trade-off is just Bert vs. Luongo (since Luongo brings a cheaper option at backup). Some people would rather have a quality goaltender for playoff purposes and I am one of that group.
Belfour is an upgrade over Noodles. You're kidding yourself if you think otherwise. If you still bring in Salei...that still doesn't factor in Mike Van Ryn's contract and also leaves another top 4 defensemen out of the picture unless you think Krajicek was that? But again I ask...what "elite" goaltender(s) played in the Stanley Cup finals? Hmmm? You don't need an elite goalie to get you in the need a team that can provide enough offense to offset any problems/questions in net. We have that now...we didn't have that before with Luongo. Just like Vancouver doesn't now.

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