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Originally Posted by michaels87 View Post
no, no, no. in the other post, i wasn't referring to you. i've never seen you say that. there were a few other posters saying he sucks which is obviously silly.

i'm not a luongo lover. i think he's one of two or three top young goalies in this league, heading into his prime. was he overhyped in florida, maybe. he was turned into the face of the franchise for marketing purposes and the local press seems to have a slightly inflated view of him, perhaps because of the marketing or perhaps because some of them don't know the game that well. the rest of the league regards him in the manner i've described - *one* of the top goalies right now. not the best goalie in the world, not a franchise saver by himself.

i disagree with this notion that you are paying him for potential. he's a veteran now, plays a ton of games each year, making a ton of saves with an outstanding save percentage. true, we don't know for certain that he's going to mister clutch come april ala marty but the league has seen enough of him to know that he's a top flight goalie. also, unlike turco (that'll be the next name the lausii bring up), who's very unconventional and thus perhaps unpredictable, louie's a very technical goaltender. he has to be playing the style he plays. we've seen him go through a stretch or two when he's off, not playing his angles well and going down early, particularly last year. i think though, that given his agility, techinical excellency and consistency, you can extrapolate from the regular season to the playoffs. i (and everyone else pretty much in the hockey world) could be wrong, though. just wanted to state that. we know you how you guys feel about that so no need to respond on this particular issue as we'll just keep going round and round. if he ends up being a choker in april, i'll be the first to come out and say i was wrong. i would like to hear some specifics though about this rebound control issue. going to respond to lauser3 on the other thread now.
What other thread? I believe this is the only one I've addressed you in recently.

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