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10-07-2006, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
No, I'm not bitter. I don't have emotional felings towards him, I'm married!
You let your judgement to be clouded by non-hockey related issues (salary demands and other contract related issues)

Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
I've been saying this stuff about Luongo since he started asking be the top paid goalie in the league. He opened himself up to criticism and I've voiced those criticisms. It seems, though, that your opinion on him and his play is clearly totally blinded by your emotional feeling towards him.
Apparently, you and Michael87 just read what you want and ignore the rest. It would do well to actually read things, instead of forming an opinion on one or two sentences.

Get over it, he's the most overrated goalie around.
You feel he doesn't deserve his salary but that's nonsense. You can't compare his salary to Brodeur and Kipper since Brodeur took a discount to get a long term deal going into his old days and he negotiates without an agent. Kipper signed his current deal after half a year that he was great, his next contract will be pretty big if he keeps it up. Luongo is entering his prime and got a bit more money than he really deserved since he was going to be UFA. Now, if you look at other goaltenders who have signed post-lockout. Khabibulin is making 6.75mil, Turco is making 6mil, Vokoun signed for over 5.5mil/yr, Kolzig is making 5.5mil/yr, Fernandez signed for over 4mil/yr, Nabokov is making over 5mil/yr, Dipietro signed for 4.5mil/yr, Gerber signed for 3.7mil/yr. I really don't get how you can say that Luongo is overpaid based on all of that.

Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
I'll take Bertuzzi and the night he had along with Allen and Auld's nights.
It was a great start to the season but that's just one game. Btw, I never disputed that this team, with Bert, can be competitive, but we could have been really competitive as well with Luongo based on the second half of last year, getting a couple other players and Luongo playing more up to his stardard. I'm one who believes that winning in the playoffs starts with goaltending, so obviously I was not happy to see a goaltender of Luongo's calibre get traded away just as we were getting somewhere and he was entering his prime.

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