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Originally Posted by CarteRichards View Post
Hey guys, I'm new to this site, and to skating, so I didn't want to start a whole new thread for this, kind of embarrassing, question. As I said, I'm new to skating, and while I don't fall at all, and seem to be a pretty decent skater, I can't stop at all. OK, get a good laugh out of that, but when you're done laughing can anyone give me some tips on stopping, please. I see guys skating really fast, and then stopping on a dime, and wonder how they do that. I skate at a decent pace, try to stop, and almost go face first to the ice. Anyways, thanks for any help you can give me.
I was getting pretty good at skating, even earned the recognition of some of the skating instructors at the public sessions who told me that it looked like I was working hard (I never had the money for the lessons, though...). But I really had trouble stopping. I tried the hockey stop quite a few times, but always bailed out for fear of death.
I was skating near this one instructor, and she nodded towards me and said something that I didn't quite catch. So I rumbled to a stop and then slowly made my way over to her, "Sorry...I don't know how to stop" I explained. So she showed me the basics of the snowplow stop. I thanked her and tried it myself a couple times. I didn't quite get it at first...I couldn't get my feet to go into the snowplow, but my elbows would go out to my sides (kinda like a drag chute, I guess). One of my friends, reminded me to bend my knees as I was doing the snowplow, and it helped. I incorporated that (knee bend) into doing my hockey stops and I'm pretty good at it to my right (let's just say I have balance "issues" going to my left - but I'm working on them).
The most important thing when going backwards for me is to remember to keep my weight back - "sit on my heels" as my friend says. But I'm pretty good at going backwards now, too.
THe only problem I have now is that I was going forward and a teenage girl turned too quickly in front of me, and we collided (I kind of pushed her down with my fist because I tried to grab her around the mid-section, but we closed too fast). I went down hard and re-aggravated a hip injury I got when trying the hockey stops. I got home and when I looked at my hip, it looked like I had booty-enhancement surgery done to one side. I
I think I'll take a couple weeks off until it heals.

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