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10-07-2006, 06:24 PM
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I made up a game wne I was 18 called bike-flip-face-pavement-tackle.
I played it once and won...or lost...I forget. But it knocked out my three front uppers.
I was still on my mom's insurance, so I had a plastic flipper made for a temporary, then a removable metal partial denture made about two or three weeks later.
It cost about $3000 for both.
Fast forward twenty years - I'm at the beach frolicking in the waves. A big wave rolls in and hits me. I let out a "Uhh!!" and see my teeth fly out of my mouth and sink below the waves. My cat-like reflexes failed me and I was stunned. Instead of going right after them, I started to look around for help and walk away. Then I came to my senses and walked back to where I though they would have been. I looked around in the surf for about two hours before giving up.
I went home to try to find the temp partial that I had stored lovingly in a case near the side of my bed...but they were not there. I could not find them anywhere!
So I went around for three weeks with the 'Ken Daneyko smile' until I got a new partial.
Now I look pretty.*
But I look at it this way - for $3000, I got something that lasted twenty years...I never had to download an upgrade or virus protection, I never had to have the engine overhauled or even get an oil change...just wash them and keep proper care of them and they'll last you a good long time.
*Pretty ugly and pretty apt to stay that way

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