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06-03-2013, 05:08 AM
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I have one of two moves when I take faceoffs (I'm actually pretty good at them on a relative scale in the levels I play - unfortunately that's where being good at center starts and ends for me, I get lost once I win or lose the faceoff).

1) Standard backhand sweep. The tip I use for helping this is that I don't necessarily just try to get my stick blade on the puck first. I try to jam it under the heel of my opponent's stick and then draw the puck backwards.

2) Forehand sweep. I really only use this one when I'm taking a defensive zone faceoff on the right side of the net since I don't want to backhand draw it towards my goalie. Half the time I "win" the contact in that I get my stick to the puck first, but I also "lose" the draw in that it angles off my stick blade more towards an opposing player than a teammate. I don't really have any special tips for this one, other than to be really, really quick.

Another general tip has been said already in this thread, and I'll reiterate: cheat, cheat, cheat. I almost never advocate cheating, but 99% of amateur hockey officials really just don't give a **** about enforcing faceoff procedures properly. I'm one myself, and I'll readily admit that I let most stuff go unless it's blatant. I do require sticks on the ice and some portion of the stick blade in contact with the circle, but that's about it, and I almost never eject anyone from the faceoff circle, unless they don't listen to my instructions on how to line up.

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