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06-03-2013, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
It's hard to say that there were no options when arbitration in itself is an option, one in place for this exact type of scenario. It certainly would have bought the team one or 2 years to evaluate alternatives, and I am guessing that an arbitrator would have arrived at a number close to but less than 6.5M.

And really I don't care about the so called "piss off" effect of arbitration, Price could use some fire in his eyes like we saw in Subban this year.
Well yes, technically speaking, arbitration was an option.
From a technical stand point, trading him, and not signing him was also an option.
But realistically speaking, I don't think either were options.

I just don't think going through arbitration was really worth much.
If we look at the fact that Price is still quite young, with his better years still ahead of him, if you agree that he would have gotten something close to his current yearly hit (let's say 5.5M), then locking him up now for long term at a slightly higher price (again, considering they believe he will keep getting better as he matures) kinda makes sense.
Also, if you think that going to arbitration and signing for only one year will light a fire under his eyes, then you might end up paying him even more than what he has now. Not only that, but you also risk losing him to the open market if he wants to test out the waters.

So in the end, just how much more worth it would it have been to go through arbitration? Not a whole lot, which is why I think they didn't go that route. Simply wasn't worth the trouble.

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