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06-03-2013, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Dying Alive View Post
I'm pretty sure they double dip, too. They charge the buyer service fees and they skim 10% of the ticket price from the seller, too. It's a pretty nice little racket they've got going.
That's pure ********. This round, I have to list my tickets at $240 per on TicketExchange just to break even. They take 10 % of the sale — $24 — and I get the rest — $216, which is my price.

I didn't realize they tack on an additional fees to the buyer. That's ridiculous.

So, to recap:
  • Ticketmaster and the Pens profit when the ticket is first sold to a season ticketholder
  • Ticketmaster and the Pens profit by charging the season ticketholder 10 percent to resell them
  • Ticketmaster and the Pens profit by charging service fees to the person who buys them from the season ticketholder.

I don't absolve the Pens from this one bit. They and the NHL had to sign off on this deal. This is sheer gluttony on their part. The league just signed off on a team-friendly CBA, they inked a big TV deal and they are pulling this **** on the fans who pony up big money to see them play in person.

Every time I list on TicketExchange, I also post on Craigslist at a price that is cheaper than the TE price I list for.

BTW, my pair of lower-bowl seats in 109 are still available for tonight's game at STH price of $432 for the pair.

edit: Perhaps the Pens don't profit from the service fees of the second sale, but they would have to get a piece of that 10% resale fee — otherwise the team would have no incentive to link to the TicketExchange page (and compete with Penguins first-time sales that often have higher prices) from the Penguins website.

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