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06-03-2013, 08:40 AM
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I've pondered on what to do with Dion a lot lately, and it's not because we need to move the guy. In fact, it all depends on the offer.

Nonis is right in saying I don't like the word "untouchable" because if an offer comes in that brings great value, you do it. Regardless of the player. (Obviously, he doesn't have the likes of Crosby, Stammer, Tavares etc.) but with what the Leafs have, he's right with that blanket statement. No one should be "untouchable"

What bugs me the most is how people are ready to linch Dion for his performance in the playoffs. Yes, he had a bad pinch that lead to the game winning goal & yes Dion didn't clear the net on the game tying goal. However, Most fail to see how BADLY O'Byrne played the 2 on 1. He backed up into Reimer and not only didn't commit to taking the pass away he backed into Reimer!!!! (I'm a goalie) and the ONE rule every goalie tells their Defense is if there is an odd man rush TAKE AWAY THE PASS!!!!!! every goalie should be able to make a positional save if he knows he doesn't have to worry about the 2nd player coming in. However O'Byrne didn't do that and made Reimer stay deep and Krejci scored an easy goal. Yet, Dion is blamed.

The second fatal mistake that lead to the tying of game 7. Does no one notice whose infront of the net? ITS F***ING ZEDENO CHARA! the biggest player in the NHL. I'm sorry I can only think of two people that could have moved him (Pronger & Scott Stevens) both retired. Maybe, Weber but we aren't Nashville...yet, everyone yells and screams why didn't he clear the net...GOODLUCK. OH yea, try moving him after playing half of the game cause Carlyle doesn't have anyone else who he can really rely on for those heavy minutes. Also, play those hard minutes against the other teams best players all series, oh yea, as well during the entire abbreviated season. Oh that's right NO ONE CAN.

Dion is actually an amazing hockey player and a perfect fit for Toronto. He shouldn't be blamed for playing Hall of Fame Minutes. He's not a HofF'er, he's playing minutes that the greatest players in the league do. There's a reason, cause for Carlyle he can't use anyone else more then he already does. It's a talent problem. That's not Dion's fault. It's a hole that NONIS needs to fix... it is up to Carlyle to put Dion out there (NOT SAYING ITS CARLYLE'S FAULT...but Without Phaneuf we don't have anyone who can eat those minutes). So rather then trading Dion for nothing (which is the most ridiculous statement I've ever heard)...Nonis should be finding someone who can eat = minutes to him or better yet, he should get 2 players (a #2 RHD for Dion & and #6 RHD).

Phaneuf/ _________

Gunnarsson is great & I'd like him on my team but I'd rather 2 RHD & Gunnarsson is on a affordable deal and is still controllable with his RFA status.

again, YOU MOVE DION IF THE DEAL IS GOING TO IMPROVE YOUR CLUB....But remember, that will come at a cost...most likely the loss of a playoff spot next year. So would you rather EDM's 7th overall? or playoffs. That's what this thread should be about...

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