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06-03-2013, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Lundsanity30 View Post
only on HF, do people (with a team trying to win now) come up with ideas to trade a Top D man with 2 years left on his deal for a "future", or a guy coming off a 40 pt + 36 performance just a season ago. SMFH
People fear his ability to think on the ice. Ya he had a good season last year, and this years shortened season numbers come up not too far from last, but the kid does do some really stupid things. How many of his mistakes cost us a goal or even more time trapped in our zone? I went to every game this year and I used to speak positively of him when people at games didn't, but the only thing that stands out in my head now is some of the terrible passes he made towards the end of this year.

Will he improve with a new coach? I think its definitely a possibility. I remember reading that Torts didn't like him and they had a good deal of problems in the beginning, so maybe Tortorella was the reason he played so badly, but if there is a possibility for a good return why not? The return would have to be very good though.

Honestly I wouldn't change anything right now. I would even consider keeping Richards and see how everyone plays with a new coach. MDZ has talent, so does Richards. Let's see how it pans out. I know people fear Richards getting injured but I think it's worth trying one more season before just throwing away 50+ million.

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