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06-03-2013, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
I don't want to see Phaneuf traded.

But one of my BIGGEST pet peeves with the guy, is that he NEVER ties up players sticks in front of the net. He gives dinky little cross checks, and tries to hit them, etc.

ESPECIALLY if it's Chara in front of the net who is too big to knock over, tie up the guys damn stick. I've seen countless goals that could have been prevented by simply lifting a guys stick, batting a guys stick out of the way, pulling a stick down, etc.

His defensive play comes from his physical nature, which is good, but he has to learn to play smart hockey as well. Hitting someone isnt' always the best solution. Smarter players find multiple ways to handle a situation like that.
my point is that if Chara doesn't want his stick to be lift, it won't be. I don't think anyone in the NHL can do that to Chara except the two retired players I've mentioned. Maybe Dion could if it was the beginning of the game...defs not at the end. He's gassed, the entire club was. Find players who can take away 5-7.5 minutes a game from Dion and then see how amazing he is. HE SHOULDN'T BE PLAYING 28-32 MINUTES A GAME!!!!!

Its a lack of talent on the team thats the problem...We shouldn't take the best piece away from the D to plug a hole up front. If we land a #1 centre from Dion (either a high draft pick, or a roster player)...all of our threads will be WE NEED A BIG PHYSICAL DEFENSEMAN WHO CAN PUT UP POINTS AND EAT 25+ MINUTES. We have that already. We need to build on that.

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