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Originally Posted by BM67 View Post
A little background for those not familiar with the CP All-Star voting. Ballots went out in February and were published in various newspapers in March and the final results were released in mid to late March.

Polls Are Opened By The C.P. For All-Star Election, Feb. 17, 1939

So a close scoring race in February might show in the voting, but if a player starts to run away with it in March it will have no effect. You can see this in the 1937-38 voting where Drillon pulled away from Dillon after the voting was already done.

Two Assists Keep Drillon Ahead Of Dillon And Apps In National League Score

I found a paper that published the voting totals for both the 1st and 2nd teams for 1938-39, so I wont bother adding up the individual ballots at this time, but as noted there are some votes missing, and there's an extra 2nd team LW vote. It isn't unusual for some ballots not to include a 2nd team coach selection, or a 1st for that matter, so there may not be any votes missing there.

ALL-STAR TEAMS: 34 voters, 1st and 2nd (3-1) format
GOALTENDER: FIRST TEAM: Frank Brimsek, Bos 15; Earl Robertson, NYA 7; Tiny Thompson, Bos-Det 7; Dave Kerr, NYR 5
SECOND TEAM: Dave Kerr, NYR 10; Frank Brimsek, Bos 9; Earl Robertson, NYA 6; Tiny Thompson, Bos-Det 5; Turk Broda, Tor 4
DEFENSE: FIRST TEAM: RIGHT D: Eddie Shore, Bos 26; Dit Clapper, Bos 3; Art Coulter, NYR 2; Walt Buswell, Mtl 1; Earl Seibert, Chi 1; Jack Crawford, Bos 1
LEFT D: Dit Clapper, Bos 7; Art Coulter, NYR 6; Eddie Shore, Bos 4; Earl Seibert, Chi 3; Babe Siebert, Mtl 2; Ott Heller, NYR 2; Muzz Patrick, NYR 1; Jack Portland, Bos 1; Ebbie Goodfellow, Det 1; Red Horner, Tor 1; Babe Pratt, NYR 1 (29)
ALTERNATE TEAM: RIGHT D: Art Coulter, NYR 12; Earl Seibert, Chi 11; Eddie Shore, Bos 2; Walt Buswell, Mtl 2; Jack Portland, Bos 2 (29)
LEFT D: Dit Clapper, Bos 6; Jack Portland, Bos 6; Babe Siebert, Mtl 3; Ralph Bowman, Det 3; Earl Seibert, Chi 3; Stewart Evans, Mtl 2; Jack Crawford, Bos 2; Ebbie Goodfellow, Det 2; Red Horner, Tor 2; Art Coulter, NYR 2; Ott Heller, NYR 1; Walt Buswell, Mtl 1; Art Wiebe, Chi 1
CENTER: FIRST TEAM: Syl Apps, Tor 28; Milt Schmidt, Bos 3; Neil Colville, NYR 2; Marty Barry, Det 1
SECOND TEAM: Neil Colville, NYR 14; Milt Schmidt, Bos 7; Syl Apps, Tor 4; Marty Barry, Det 4; Clint Smith, NYR 2; Phil Watson, NYR 1; Johnny Gottselig, Chi 1; Bill Cowley, Bos 1
RIGHT WING: FIRST TEAM: Gordie Drillon, Tor 27; Bobby Bauer, Bos 2; Alex Shibicky, NYR 1; Mush March, Chi 1; Toe Blake, Mtl 1; Mac Colville, NYR 1; Lorne Carr, NYA 1
SECOND TEAM: Bobby Bauer, Bos 9; Alex Shibicky, NYR 6; Gordie Drillon, Tor 3; Cecil Dillon, NYR 2; Bryan Hextall, NYR 2; Johnny Gagnon, Mtl 2; Sweeney Schriner, NYA 2; Woody Dumart, Bos 2; Nels Stewart, NYA 1; Phil Watson, NYR 1; Lorne Carr, NYA 1; Neil Colville, NYR 1 (32)
LEFT WING: FIRST TEAM: Toe Blake, Mtl 27; Johnny Gottselig, Chi 5; Sweeney Schriner, NYA 1; Woody Dumart, Bos 1
SECOND TEAM: Johnny Gottselig, Chi 8; Sweeney Schriner, NYA 8; Alex Shibicky, NYR 6; Tom Anderson, NYA 4; Woody Dumart, Bos 4; Toe Blake, Mtl 3; Charlie Sands, Bos 1; Mac Colville, NYR 1 (35)
COACH: FIRST TEAM: Red Dutton, NYA 15; Art Ross, Bos 14; Lester Patrick, NYR 5
SECOND TEAM: Art Ross, Bos 14; Lester Patrick, NYR 12; Red Dutton, NYA 4 (30)
The missing votes:

1st team LD: Jack Crawford, Bos 5
2nd team RD: Dit Clapper, Bos 4; Babe Pratt, NYR 1
2nd team RW: Tom Anderson, NYA 2
Extra vote for 2nd team LW was Mac Colville, NYR 1
There were 4 ballots with no 2nd team coach named.

One ballot had Bauer and Dumart switched at wing positions, and this was corrected for the final totals released by the NHL.

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