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06-03-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Nac Mac Feegle View Post
Could be. The way the Bruins played the first three games of the series you knew they were on a mission. The likelihood of the Rangers coming out on top was slim. Maybe ole Slats decided to make the decision to keep his own head out of the public noose. We all know he's pretty much hired for life....but when the public goes bonkers, especially nowadays with the huge roar we can all make through social media....sometimes people are forced to listen.

Much easier to shove the grumpy, media hatin' old coach under the bus. Force him to make a personnel decision he hates, and the casual fans will (and did) scream over, to make Torts the perfect sacrificial lamb. No one would question why or how, just get the nasty bum outta here!

This move easily buys Slats a few more years, cause, ya know, it takes a few seasons to fully implement a new system, get it working down on the far as well, bring in a new crop of prospects in a new direction, etc, etc....
Being down in games 3-0 and with a $6.667 mil cap hit player that your coach vouched for and who besides not producing on the ice--his even taking a shift leading to opposition goals by their bottom line might just have been enough for Sather to begin thinking maybe the team would be better off on a different track. Tortorella is bullheaded or at least appears to be. I can see him being reluctant to remove Richards from the lineup. It's speculation on my part. But Sather's comment on Richards sitting out being an organizational decision looks like a red flag to me.

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