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06-03-2013, 09:55 AM
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Had a coached practice last night, which was interesting, hopefully productive too.


Did some hard cross-ice passes in warmups. My passes were much more on target and stayed on the ice better, which I'm attributing to the closed curve. I'm not a great passer, but I was able to throw a little sauce and get the puck maybe a half foot off the ice and land flat.

Catching these passes was no problem. I wouldn't say the blade helped knock them down but they didn't bounce off at all. "Solid" would be how I describe them. But the guy was sending good passes, not knucklers.

On the other hand, when we were doing breakout drills, I was getting a lot of bad passes from the D (we're a low level team), and I found that wobbly passes were jumping over my blade quite a bit. Even when I was square to the passer with the blade on the ice. I've definitely had sticks with blades that helped knock those pucks down a bit more.

We also worked on one-time / touch passes quite a bit. With these, if the pass was slightly off, it was a bit tough to corral the puck and it had a bit of a tendency to jump or bounce off the blade and into skates, etc. But with solid passes, I could one-time them back anywhere without a problem.

So basically, the blade felt solid and somewhat lively but didn't cushion or deaden the puck like a top end stick or wood blade.


Didn't shoot during practice but had a long warmup where I got to take quite a few shots. I really feel like this stick has more pop and kick than anything I've used since the X:60. Quick release, puck flies flat, lots of power on them. My stick still felt a little long though, and I was hitting more pipes or missing the net more than I wanted.

I'll have to see if that's just the stick feeling like it's too long or just user error. It's not the stick's fault though, the puck is going where I'm sending it.

Tonight I'll have another game and will chop the stick down about 1/2" beforehand to see how that changes things.

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