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06-03-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by kicksavedave View Post
Jeeze... when you've won a Cup, been to another Cup finals, and won a gold medal, you get a little more slack than the guy who's never been past the second round. Sure there may be other intangibles at play (Russian vs Canadian) but the fact that one guy has won and one guy hasn't, isn't trivial.

BTW, Cindy is taking a ton of heat on the main boards in the series thread, and he has his own thread about his "antics" so its not like he's getting a completely free pass.
The funny thing is that the thread about his antics was locked. The Ovie bash threads were not. You really enjoy bashing Ovechkin don't you? At least Ovie didn't act like a total d bag on the ice like Crosby. I hope the Bruins continue to exploit Crosby and get into his head. They tried with Ovechkin last year and he ignored it.

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