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06-03-2013, 10:57 AM
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So here's a question:

In the league I'm in, there are 2 ways to join.... form a team and signup that team as a group (Pay the lump sum or in installments and the "captain" will collect from the guys himself) or as an individual (pay just your fee and be placed on an IS team which means Individual Signup). There are several different levels to choose from, however the IS teams are only for the lowest level (presumably because most guys that are good can always find a team). Now I'm playing in the summer on an IS team because I'm just using it as a filler to keep skating before finding a team for the winter... I'm much better than almost every player in this level so I really don't try at all other than going on a few rushes. We got this new guy though after the 1st week who is on a whole other level.... played in Uni I think and is far better than even me. Last game he lit up the other team scoring 5 times (myself scoring the other goal) for a blow out win. Near the end a guy got pissed that this guy was having his way with them and intentionally tripped him pretty blatantly after getting deked around and then skated right over him as he was getting up.

I get the guys frustrations because he signs up in the level he should be in only to have to play against a guy like that. But at the same time, this guy is new to the area and obviously signed up late so he went on an IS team by himself and was placed in the only level he could. So who exactly is in the wrong there? This guy isn't a guy that purposely signed up below his level to light teams up... tbh he could do that at any level really. Did this guy have a right to be upset then at this guy or should he be mad at the rink?

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