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Originally Posted by Spockey View Post
Kevin Paul Dupont, The Boston Globe (6/2/13)

Lyle Richardson, Spector's Hockey (6/2/13)

Beat me to the punch. I've been meaning to analyze the logical landing spots for Bernier and the Avs with the hiring of Roy make a lot of sense. The Colorado roster hasn't played up to its potential and I would think with a changing of the leadership guard there, they might be willing to shake things up.

Landing Bernier, in my opinion, would be a near-perfect fit for the Avalanche. Roy gets a French-Canadian he can identify with, the organization gets immediate bang for buck in a young and cost-controlled goaltender capable of Antti Niemi-like production, and would likely be able to keep the 1st overall pick.

The hard part would be putting a deal together -- the Avs have Elliot, Barrie, and Siemens as young and talented defensemen they can purge from depth, (assuming Landeskog is off the table and too pricey for the Kings) but that's not really an area of organizational need for the Kings.

This would give the Avs a lot of flexibility in net. Giguere could come back to the Kings in the trade and be a serviceable backup (Kings might be able to absorb his cap hit this coming season), or he could stay in Colorado and serve as a 1-2 punch with Bernier, allowing them to pawn Varlamov off to a team like Edmonton who could use cheap goaltender competition without much risk.

In order for the 1st round pick to be in play, the Kings would need to be willing to shift 3-4 million in cost and I don't see that happening. At this point, Quick, Doughty, Voynov, Kopitar, Brown, Richards, and Carter are likely untouchable given their core roles and the lack of financial flexibility for most teams with the cap coming down. Williams has proven to be a team leader and comes up clutch so I doubt he's on the move, and with the value of Toffoli's contract relative to forecasted production, it's also not likely he's moving especially after Schenn was packaged for Richards.

Plus, Sherman has proven he's not afraid to make "hockey trades" and he and Lombardi were able to work out a deal for Richardson in the semi-recent past.

If something were to happen with the Avs, my bet is the Kings target one of those 3 defensemen, pass on Hishon, and ask for Aittokallio as a young and cheap goaltending prospect with upside. Maybe include a pick too, and I could see the Kings taking a flyer on McGinn.

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