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06-03-2013, 01:46 PM
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I am an undecided voter:
1) The future hasn’t happened. From now until the end of voting, the candidates are going to say and do lots of things. Any of those things might be relevant or informative, from unforeseen Killem dominatrix videos, to deliberate shifts on policy positions, such as "doing it for the children", or "doing the right thing." Candidates are putting all the time and energy they have into trying to find ways to convince people to vote for them, mainly through visual videos of not PG content.

2) Deciding makes you irrelevant. If you know who you’re voting for, that candidate doesn’t need to win you over anymore, and the other candidates don’t need to try. If you’re undecided , the candidates are going out of their way to find out what you want and how they can give it to you. Why remove yourself and destroy your own influence? I don’t want candidates to ignore me; I want them to cater to me.

A perspective:

Being undecided makes sense if you do not love any of the candidates and neither are particular funny enough to warrant funniest poster. I think part of why people have trouble understanding undecided voters is that, to them, the choice is obvious. To an undecided voter, the choice may not be obvious, and all the candidates may suck and be equally unfunny, or all equally funny. Look at it from that perspective. If every option seems unspeakably awful, how do you choose one?

A clarification:

Being undecided does not mean being uninformed, as seen by the many PSA's by Killem and 31. There seems to be a perception that undecided voters are uninformed and stupid. I’d go so far as to say I’m the most informed voter I know, again as evidenced by Killem's and 31's constant slanders. I research the candidates’ positions on a wide variety of issues, including several they’re not talking about as much as I think they should. I can rattle off the names of bills I support and quote HFNYR posts from memory. I’m so committed to being informed that I’m waiting to be informed about things that haven’t happened yet.

A challenge:

Come and get me.

I keep seeing comments from people about how much they hate undecided voters. Well, I’m undecided because I’m open-minded. Come convince me! My vote is up for grabs! I might vote the way you want me to— but it’ll be because you’ve convinced me, not because you’ve written me off.

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