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Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
Zagreb is a modern city that can offer everything a young family would want in their life. You can go ski in the winter, you're 3 hours away from the sea in the summer, the Jarun lake is in the center of the city, you have a beautiful green areas at the Bundek lake and in the Maksimir park, than there's nature park Medvednica rising above Zagreb, Zagreb's safe, clean, there are amazing towns like Samobor and it's hills (favourite weekend destination of a a lot of Zagreb's citizens for centuries) near Zagreb and as a guy who's seen a lot of the world I'm proud to call myself a citizen of Zagreb.

All in all Zagreb can offer everything you want and if you ever get a chance you shoudl visit it and teh rest of Croatia.
That does sound nice, and a big european vacation is definitely on my bucket list. Also I was no way trying to insult anyone, so I hope that you didn't take it that way. Just thinking from a language/culture perspective it will probably be different than Hershey, which is pretty vanilla. There is lots to do, but culturally it's probably pretty different than a European city. Also the travel involved with the KHL will certainly be different than the AHL, meaning he will be on the road a lot more. Thats the part that I heard is hardest on people playing abroad. For the player/coach its business as usual. But for the families they are living in a foreign city, don't speak the langauge and the player/coach is gone more than they were before. It can be a difficult adjustment for many families. Just like I am sure it is for European players coming to N.A.

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