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Originally Posted by axecrew View Post
Actually it was a little of both....Utica put the feelers out there, but Calgary wouldn't have made a factfinding trip there if they weren't somewhat interested as well.

As for vancouver.....who cares.....they've already screwed this thing up 6 ways to sunday anyway.

They ASSUMED that they were going into abbotsford and that Calgary was leaving.....when Calgary said no to vancouver's paltry buyout to them, then vancouver decided that peoria wasn't so bad after all....that is until they ask peoria to basically pay them to play there and give them the same sweetheart deal that Calgary has in abbotsford, without a chance to keep them there. When peoria rightfully balked at that they said then fine we're taking our ball and going someplace else..where we don't know but someplace.

Up steps Utica just like the girl who doesn't look good enough at 10 pm but looks a lot better 4 hours and a ton of beer later, except Utica has a building that needs a ton of work just to get to AHL standards, with little time and less money to get them done in. Except vancouver still isn't sure where to go....they have 11 days, thanks to a generous AHL BOG, to figure it out. I wonder if that's enough time since they decided to leave Chicago last august and 10 months later they still have no clue. The whole thing must have snuck up on them.
There have been a number of misconceptions about Utica needing a "ton of work just to get to AHL standards". Two short term upgrades to be ready for next season which are a video clock and renovated locker and training rooms. Last summer all of the seats in the lower section were replaced and new glass and dasher boards were put in not that long ago.

Long term The Aud needs some structural repair to the brick work in a few areas and addition seating added likely in the stage area similar to what Syracuse did with the War Memorial which is even older than The Aud. There is also talks about adding club boxes to The Aud.

Here is an updated article from today talking about the $2.25M state funding for upgrades to The Aud.

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