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06-03-2013, 02:11 PM
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Here's my personal take

I am nearly 30.
A decade ago I was hardcore baseball. I loved hockey, and football, so I kind have all three as equal.
Hockey 1, Football 1A, Baseball 2.

I'm getting more and more tuned off by baseball, and it's not because the Yankees aren't as good.
Part of is the game is boring and different.
A hockey game, a football, you pay more closer attention, it captures you.
A regular season baseball game, and even playoff games, they move too slow.
You can flip in and out.

A big thing for me though is that baseball attracts way too many geeks. Sorry, I love stats, but in baseball it really is like a star wars convention+AARP. I get really turned off when I hear constant talk about things like "back in my day."
Or when people make big deals about April and early season games.
It is everyday and it just gets to be like...what's the big deal.

With football, having a week off is great, it makes you want more.
In baseball, between the geeks, the old farts talking about how great it was back and the day, and the over-analysis of a May game, it's like get real man.

Anybody else feel this way?
To me, baseball is great once hockey is over, and really in the fall, if my team is playing.
If my team is out, hard to get too excited about 4 hour games.

This is hardly something new, the NBA finals outrate the World Series already. If baseball wants to apply to our younger generations, then they need to naturally (not artifically) move away from being the "past time" and about entertainment.
Less CSPAN and History Channel please.

On note I will say baseball is good at, in all seriousness, is that if you need to take a nap, or really zonk out, keep a baseball game on a good hour.
If you need to do some light work or read the paper, again baseball is a great companion for this.

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