Thread: Player Discussion: Trade value of Andrei Markov
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06-03-2013, 02:42 PM
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Do people not know how valuable Markov is to Montreal? Seriously, he is the most important player we have and for far more reasons than just his ability to produce points. Please, read the following:

Last year when he was out we fell all the way to 3rd worst in the entire damned league. Yes, there were definitely other factors, but he was a primary one. This year, he comes back and we suddenly finish 2nd overall. He even finishes 4th overall for defencemen in terms of points. Also keep in mind that he played 69 games in his 1st season back from two brutal injuries (add his KHL and NHL totals for this year). Add to that the fact that he was playing over 24 minutes per night and getting targeted by opposing teams. Did you notice that with Markov to take the brunt of the opposing teams' focus, Subban was able to have a Norris caliber season? Again, I know that Markov was not the ONLY factor in our rise to 2nd in the conference, but he was a major one.

Man, it drives me nuts. Habs fans are supposed to be far better educated in terms of hockey IQ than I see on these damned boards. Markov should not be moved. Period. He is the engine that makes our team go forward. He brings a work ethic, drive, determination, mentoring, and leadership elements that we need along with incredible hockey skills and hockey IQ that is higher than most others in this league.

Please, read the article. I hope anyone who comes on here to tell me that he is old, injury prone, and slow will also read the article and look at what he did in the NHL this season.

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