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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
Yup, by winning 7 of our last 8 games when we were out of the playoffs we went from having the #4 pick to the #11 pick. Not that I wanted us to tank the end of the season but ask my kids, I was actually rooting AGAINST us. I was praying for us to have a top 5 pick this year and we ended up out of the top 10. That win streak at the end did nothing but hurt us for the future. Just plain pointles.

BC is right. We need to stop swapping out 25% or more of our starting lineup each year. There was a study a few years ago of all teams from the 4 major NA sports and it found that over a 20 year period only one team that changed it opening day roster by more than 25% fom the previous year even made the playoffs. Keep your core together and make minor tweeks, not major overhauls each year.

First and foremost we have to teach our forwards to play more responsible in the defensive zone even if it comes at the cost of some offense. The REAL problem with our defense is that we have one leader in the group (Timonen) four followers (chenn, Coburn, Grossmen and Mesz) and one questionmark (Gus). If Gus CAN lead a pairing then we aren't in too much trouble for next year. If he's not capable of leading a paring with Coburn then we are in serious trouble (remember in 09 we had the same problem and it wasn't fixed until we paid through the nose for Carle).

Bryz won't be bought out this year. He'll be given one more year to prove himself and if he's not playing the way we expect he'll be bought out next summer.

I hate being right when I see us doing really stupid things with the roster but a number of us wanted us to keep bob and just sign Vokoun for 2-3 years so we could properly groom Bob. I've been telling you guys for years that Carle wasn't nearly as bad as most on here thought and that we'd miss him when he was gone. It showed this year.

I sincerly hope that Gus can step up next year and lead the 2nd pairing. I think he's got the talent and is a decent PMD but I just don't know if he has the mentality to LEAD on the ice. Coburn clearly doesn't.

There is no easy fix for this team. We have both short term and long term holes staring us square in the face. Beyond that we MUST get better as ateam in the defensive zone. Schenn, Simmonds Voracek and Read could all benefit from a Ken Hitchcock to teach them how to be much better in the defensive zone.
They have to try Gus out this year to see how he does. I don't agree that they keep Bryzgalov around this coming year then buy him out. If you wait to buy him out and he gets hurt during the year then you're stuck with him in the organization going forward. Bite the bullet and just buy him out along with Briere. After watching Bernier play against the Blackhawks after LA pulled Quick in game two, the more I think the Flyers should try to acquire him. Let him and Mason fight it out for the number one goalie position and go with them. Keeping Bryzgalov around the team is a negative thing, anyone who has played team sports knows that you don't always like your teammates but you'll put up with them as long as they perform. But when they constantly are a distraction (Sean Avery) then it's time to cut them loose and move on.

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