Thread: Confirmed with Link: Blackhawks sign G Antti Raanta
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06-03-2013, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
Does this mean the Hawks won't draft a goalie with their first rounder even if he is the BPA remaining? Well if Tristan Jarry or Phillipe Desrosiers are still on the board they still should do it...unless Stan is certain one of his existing drafted goalies can develop into an elite starter down the road..I have zero faith that either Carruth or simpson can do that. ...maybe Whitney. ..but I am certakn that both Jarry and Desrosiers have that kind of the stlry goes like this -especially if the Hawks win the contract Crawford now considered.NHL elite calibre feels he should be paid to that level Hawks can't afford it on cap then to pay another 6mil. contract so bye.bye CC...Raantta takes over ztarter at cheap reasonable pay still on contract he signs aftdr next year. if we draft an elite goalie now we develop him with 2 more years in Jr. then a year in Rockford then a year backing up Raanta then takes over when Raant's second contract is up and he demands his six mil a year...Then we get the kid cheap through his 2nd cotract so that by the gime he is on his third and demands his own $6mil. WE SIGN HIM LONG TERM BECAUSE OF COURSE BY THEN Kane and his lousy Playoff producgion willbe shjpped off to Buffalo for a big cap saving to allocate strategically we sfillneed to draftan elite projecti le goalie to prep for the ensuing demands on cap that elite goalies.can command on the market that Crawford then Raanta will inevitably ask in shaking us down...Otherwise we rely.on medicrities.from the pipeline...
The Hawks don't need to draft a goalie, they need to add some quality D prospects to their system.

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