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Originally Posted by Greg02 View Post
Al Arbour- Was he even particularly good as a player? Either way, he played primarily in the AHL before joining the expansion Blues, which was the tiny overlap with Park's career.
I may have overstepped a bit by including him as "elite". Letting the coaching record influence me there. His career as a player was a lot more than the AHL and the Blues though. He was a pretty solid defensive defenseman, and he was on 4 Stanley Cup winning teams (admittedly only played in the playoffs really for 2 of them).

The rest of what you say is pretty fair.

Originally Posted by Chief View Post
...but the one thing I cannot agree with is giving Park some sort of credit because he never wanted to be traded. These polls are regarding their Rangers careers and we need to keep them to that.
Agreed. Wasn't really trying to say I'm going to consider his time with Boston or Detroit when ranking him (I only brought it up in the other post to demonstrate how the period of time one played expands the list of "elite" competition they played against). And when considering longevity with NYR, Leetch will certainly have the leg up over Park. Just pointing out for those who may be unfamiliar with that era that it wasn't the kind of situation where Park left the team of his own accord.


I don't remember who posted this info in the centers project's discussion (bernmeister maybe?), but figured this might be helpful for those looking at the long list and wondering where to start. A book, "100 Ranger Greats," ranks the top 100 Rangers of all time. I think it does a pretty poor job of its overall ranking in some areas and a decent job in others - so I wouldn't rely on it too much. But anywho, here are the relevant names (and their corresponding ranks on that list):

Brian Leetch (1)
Harry Howell (10)
Brad Park (11)
Ron Greschner (12)
Ott Heller (25)
Ching Johnson (28)
Art Coulter (30)
Dave Maloney (34)
Rod Seiling (41)
Jim Neilson (42)
James Patrick (44)
Babe Pratt (47)
Jeff Beukeboom (50)
Carol Vadnais (52)
Allan Stanley (60)
Earl Seibert (61)
Barry Beck (62)
Bill Gadsby (63)
Sergei Zubov (72)
Reijo Ruotsalainen (82)
Tom Laidlaw (87)
Arnie Brown (93)
Lou Fontinato (96)
Mike McEwen (98)

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