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06-03-2013, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal961 View Post
2009-2010 (Marlies) 14-8-2 (Wins/Loss/OTL), 2.25 (GAA), .925 (SV%)
2010-2011 (Marlies) 9-5-1 (Wins/Loss/OTL), 2.59 (GAA), .920 (SV%)
2010-2011 (Leafs) 20-10-5 (Wins/Loss/OTL), 2.60 (GAA), .921 (SV%) (Allaire Half)
2011-2012 (Leafs) 14-14-4 (Wins/Loss/OTL), 3.10 (GAA), .900 (SV%) (Alaire)
2012-2013 (Leafs) 19-8-5 (Wins/Loss/OTL), 2.46 (GAA), .924 (SV%) (S.t Croix)
2013 Playoffs (Leafs) 3-2-2 (Wins/Loss/OTL), 2.88 (GAA), .923 (SV%) (S.t Croix)

No Doubt that Reimer's lowest years were under Allaire. Allaire transformed Reimer into a blocker style goaltender. Not to mention how he completely and utterly ruined Gustavsson by doing the exact same thing. Both of these goalies were athletically based goalies, who were forced to play like robots. They didn't have the frame, discipline, and knowledge/experience that it requires to be a blocking type goaltender. It worked with JS Giguere because he had all of those tools and previous blocking style knowledge.

S.t Croix started off by telling Reimer to revert back to what made him successful. If you check out video from when Reimer played in 2011-2012, and then check out video from this past season, you will see a huge difference. Reimer changed his style from a blocking goaltender to an athletic/hybrid based goaltender for this season. He was freed from the restrictions that were placed on him by Allaire (ie: Always keeping glove position at high, Achieve a widest possible butterfly, reduced desperation save method, stay on knees, ect). With Rick's hire, he was able to make positive changes to his game. Those changes were in large part due to the freedom that S.t Croix gives his goaltenders. He doesn't instill a style on a goalie, he recognizes the style that makes them successful and works with that. He improves that style instead of changing it.
You really seem to know your stuff, like I said, the only thing that had me wondering was the fact that St Croix basically had 1 week to work with Riemer before the season started, but I guess through of the season he probably fixed his game up.

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