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Originally Posted by pman25 View Post
I don't think the name will be changed, but it really should. I mean, it's equivalent to having a team named the Washington N-word. They are both equally offensive.

I realize the intention behind the name is not malicious or hateful, but it's just ignorant and tasteless.


The exact opposite is true. The name "Redskins" was selected because of positive qualities that were associated with American Indians (courage, ferocity, determination, etc.).

I don't like the name but it certainly doesn't offend me—I am smart enough to not judge a man by his genetic code, i.e., to judge not by his skin color but by his choices as an individual man.

I do hate that our culture is so motivated by racial collectivism but it can't be outlawed. All a proper government can do is protect the individual rights of its citizens. All its citizens. If the government forces a Redskins name change then shouldn't we ban BET? And certainly the Fighting Irish has to go.

There is only one thing that can end racism: education. That is, the development of an individual, rational mind. Reading classical literature, mastering arithmetic, and learning to write effectively are the core of an education. Changing one slightly stupid team name out of thousands does nothing.

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