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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
There's nothing lucky about the Bruins' success in this series. They are just a better built team. This is precisely why I laughed at people who said "look at Pittsburgh, I'm glad Bergy didn't make any moves at the deadline". Anyone with sense knew that regarldess of the deal Pittsburgh made. They were still weak on D and goaltending and it is hard as HELL to win in the playoffs with a poor D and goalie. Anything can happen. Yes, things didn't work out for us, but I would have liekd to see Bergy make some moves at the deadline.
briuns were down by 3 with 10 mins left in game 7 against the leafs and somehow came back and won.if that wasnt lucky i dont know what is.not sayin the briuns arent great,because they are.what it proves is that you need a great team and luck to win the stanley cup.but man am i jealous of boston.timely goals,excellent d and the wall that is rask.very impressive.

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