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10-08-2006, 03:39 AM
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The sport in GB is going through a transition period where they have just about settled down into the right leagues apart from Fife and Dundee, who have been frozen out of the Elite league due to politics and they cant play in the EPL as they are too far away and they are in Scotland which goes against the epl English Premier League

Back in the late 90s the ISL was the top league and there was rumours of reported salaries per team of up to 1Million per season, These teams especally the all conquering Ayr Scottish Eagles wouls have easily held their own in the ECHL and maybe do well in the AHL, unfortunalty the money just wasnt there and a lot of teams went to the Wall, some coming back, some not, Most of this was caused by the building of big Arenas like Manchester (17,000) Sheffield (9000) Nottingham (7,500) and Newcastle (6,000) other teams tried to compete with these teams but when their capacity was only around 2,500 /3,000 they couldnt compete finacially and some owners squandered a lot of money just keepin these teams going.

Now the sport in Englansd compairs of......... including capacity and Average attedances

Belfast (7,000) (3,500)
Cardiff New rink nearly finished and they usuaully attract 2,600
Edinburgh (4000 really old rink ) (800)
Coventry (2,800) (2,200)
Hull (1,800) (800)
BAsingstoke (2,000) (1,000)
Nottingham (7,500) (4,500)
Newcastle (6,000) (1,200)
Sheffield (9,000) (3-4000)
Manchester ....same as Cardiff new rink still being built but Id say they would have around 2,000 hard core fans


Wight Link (1,500) (650)
Guildford(2,400) (1,800)
Bracknell(3,200) (1,100)
Telford (1000) (450-500)
Solihull (1000) (300)
Peterborough (1700) (800)
Sheffield (2,400) (300)
Swindon (1,700) (800)
Slough (1,200) (700)
Chelmsford(1,200) (450)
Romford(1,700) (700)
Milton Keynes (2,200) (1,300)

All these figures are appoxomate

All the EPL teams have junior development teams ranging rom u10 t0 u19

The everyone in the ELite has or are in the process of getting junior set ups Nottingham /Shefield/Belfast junior teams are set up in different rinks

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