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06-04-2013, 08:20 AM
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Last game of beer league season before playoffs a guy uses his leg like scissors to trip be after I still the puck. He calls me a *****. I just laugh. Later on in the game he tries to check me after i steal the puck from him and he falls down. He calls me a dirty player and *****. I just laugh and skate away he gets up from behind and come and two hands my stick and snaps it in half. This is directly in front of the ref who calls nothing ... Later on my line scores for the 3rd time by getting a rebound in front of the net. I scored and the guy says garbage goal by a dirty ***** ass player. I had enough and ask him what his deal is? I said " you and I obviously aren't making the NHL but you keep calling be dirty, ***** ,and saying you are going to kick my ass, but you cannot even skate. I have beaten you all over the ice and won almost every faceoff against you. What are you trying to prove just shut your mouth. You are clearly the worse player on your team and quite frankly you are taking the fun out of the game. Our bench starts clapping and then his team. It was quite comical. So he goes ******* and start shouting out profanities at me left and right. I just went to the bench and laughed. Drank a beer after and hope the serious bender/ duster doesn't kill himself.

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