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10-08-2006, 10:35 AM
Change is good.
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I highly doubt the Torre rumors. My guess is the paper got some off the record comments within hours of the defeat and cooler heads will prevail down the road, especially as George is in the early stages of Alzheimer's and doesn't have nearly the active role that he once did (according to personal sources).

The problem isn't Torre, but rather that the team isn't built right for Torre (or any other manager, in my opinion) - they got a little too caught up in the Yankee methodology of the past (i.e. too many high-priced veterans past their best years and not enough young blood working its way in). The guys who need to go are Sheff (and his attitude), RJ (and HIS attitude), Giambi (I like the guy, but I had a sense that something about the team's persona had changed the moment we signed him - and the results sure seem to point that way) and the assortment of mediocre, aged pitchers (Lidle, Wright, Villone, Myers, etc.). Frankly, I'm not a big fan of Damon on this team either (although he was productive) - if you can find someone to take his contract, I'd trade him as well and give center to Melky.

ARod... I'm on the fence about. I wonder if he'll ever be able to recover, but I can see him becoming an absolute Yankee killer if he goes anywhere else. He probably does need to go, but if he gets traded, send him to the National League, please - eat some of his contract (which actually isn't that bad these days) and send him to the Dodgers or Giants for a bevy of prospects.

I say keep Mussina and see if he can turn into a David Cone/Jimmy Key for us. His attitude also needs to change a bit (you get the sense that he's a bit of a loner and still sees himself as the best pitcher on the team), but he's a sharp guy and I think he can figure it out if he takes a long look in the mirror.

I also want Abreu back. Good, quiet team player that plays the way Torre likes (and, unlike Damon, Sheff, Gimabi, plays well on both defense and at the plate). Exercise the option.

Next year call up Hughes and Clippard and give them every chance to start at the end of the rotation.


Damon (since he's probably not going anywhere)
plus a 1B and 3B - which shouldn't be that hard to find with the players you'd be trading away/free agents.

Zito (if you can get him)
With Pavano and some other back of the rotation guys waiting in the wings if the bottom three don't work out.

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