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06-04-2013, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by UrsusArctos View Post
Bruins fan here. Apologies if I'm intruding. I just wanted to say that despite the reciprocal loathing for one another's teams, I've always respected Hab fans for their knowledge of the game and it is on full display in this thread.
At the risk of sounding like a sycophant, I have to say, I've seen more reasonable, thoughtful, intelligent analysis and understanding of the game of hockey on display in this brief thread than all of the half-assed, hackneyed and lazy analysis put forth by the 'professional' media combined. AINEC.
Kudos. A breath of fresh air.
Nevermind....The day that the Habs ice a team like the one Boston is putting out right now, I'll be prancing around like the king of the world. They may not win it all, but they're firing on all cylinders right now. That's impossible to not respect.

I'll be honest my hatred for the Bruins and all things Boston has diminished this season. Perhaps that was mostly due to other events and Toronto proving to be infinitely more annoying, but really, it came down to envying a lineup that can beat you physically and with skill. Having said that, the Bruins sure know how to push the envelope with the hooking and holding etc. I wonder if the refs called games in the playoffs like they do in the regular season, the Bruins wouldn't be as effective. Not their problem right now.

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