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06-04-2013, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
I love them all but most of them are not open to anything but their own opinion ...
I think I've gotten better as I've aged

We all have strong opinions on here, and it's hard to play nice all the time. I called out a few newbie posters in the last year, had a few heated PM's then decided to talk it out, now we are friends and discuss things like adults.

But you know dagoon I will always hold you to a higher standard as one of the old timers round here. And I always like your take on things, and you definitely love hockey.

Originally Posted by jas View Post
My online mentor, wish he was here once a month rather than once a year.

Originally Posted by Green Blob View Post
The egos are blowing up! Haha
It was already way too inflated

Seriously, I have a tear in my eye from what some have said here, so appreciated. I really feel like 13th most knowledgeable, good number.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Would've voted NYR Sting, but decided Bluenote13 is best option available.
Stinger is the poster most likely to agree with me and vice versa, he's a great pick, mia lately.

Originally Posted by jas View Post
He usually comes by around draft day.
Over at least 12 drafts Edge consistently picks out some of the top players for our draft spot. Only seen him whiff a few times over 13 years of reading his stuff. He would've kicked Sather's ass as GM of this club the last 13 years.

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
BN is one of the few who actually knows of what he speaks, from real experience. I value his opinions tremendously.
I have an extensive hockey background as a younger man, decided to go into entertainment biz instead of hockey which seemed alot harder then (and now) to get into. But my 'knowledge', if thats what ya call it, comes from all the playing, the interest and studying of anything hockey while I was growing up. Before the internet there was Hockey Digest. My letter to the editor was published in the first issue of the 93'94 season, they picked the Icelanders to win the division and I strongly disagreed, saying the Rangers were the tops and would beat Detroit in 7 games in the Cup Finals. My first article for HF was about an expansion ECHL team. You really love hockey when you go out of your way to write about the ECHL

Originally Posted by JCresty View Post
With this list of nominations, I now know who to blindly agree with to sound smart.
Smart move

Originally Posted by KreidertheGlider View Post
I'm the only one that voted for Bleed Ranger Blue... wow. I'm honestly very surprised. Most logical poster on HFNYR. Very level headed. Knows his ****.

But there is some tough competition. I wouldn't mind any of these nominations winning.
That's who I voted for this year. I think he's been solid, even though I don't agree with all of what he's said, he's been here to back it up with some good rationale.

SBOB is in my hall of fame, can do no wrong.

Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
When is there going to be a most hated one?

I'd definitely be near the top of that list, if not a landslide winner... mwuahaha.
Hated would be too long a list and we'd all vote for 'the other guy' instead of who we really hate, why give them the attention they crave

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