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06-04-2013, 09:00 AM
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Those spearheading the name change I content are not those offended by the name, because they are not Native Americans. They are feigning shock and horror because that is sadly what many overly hyper sensitive Americans do now.

If they think that this will somehow make up for all the atrocities committed to the Native Americans and change the on going current problems they face, they are simply fooling themselves.

They should instead focus on improving the reservations day to day life that sadly, lags far behind the standards of the rest of our country. They could donate funds for schools or hospital, provide jobs, get them electricity. I doubt they even watch NFL football. Maybe those that had a casino developed on their land get free electricity / cable.

Its very shallow to think that the name change is what we should do to help them.

Life on the reservation:
  • highest rate of school drop outs (about 54%),
  • highest rate of child mortality,
  • highest rate of suicide
  • highest rate of teenage suicide ( 18.5 per 100,000),
  • highest rate of teenage pregnancy,
  • lowest life expectancy ( 55 years)

There are much bigger fish in the frying pan and all know it, but much like to the slaughtering of their people, we simply continue to turn a blind eye.

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