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06-04-2013, 09:00 AM
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Had a crazy game last night.

We usually have 12 skaters and put 4 on D, 3 pairs of wings, and 2 centers (which I usually play). This time we had 10, so we had 2 D pairs and 2 lines.

Problem is, our five best players started the game and left me with 3 beginners and a shaky defenseman. Playing the next best team in our division.

Predictably, we played them pretty tight with the top line and D pair but were just completely dominated for the first half of the game. Neither of the wingers could do anything with the puck at the half wall so it was just turned back over to the other team and the D wasn't able to ice the puck. I was just focused on trying to keep the slot clear because the other team could skate and cycle. We literally didn't cross the red line with the puck for the entire first period and half of the second.

This also included two power plays. Just a disaster. We were down 2-1 because our goalie was just on top of everything.

Luckily, we had another winger show up about halfway through the second period. He's old but has good hands and is a quick skater. Completely changed the game. We ran the 5 wingers pickup style, which meant spreading out the better and weaker skaters, and on his first shift we spent 90 seconds in their end.

Towards the end of the second, after a few shifts where I was able to skate with the puck a bit and even (gasp) get shots on net, I snagged a loose puck at our blue line, skated around their one D, other D drove me wide across their blue line, put the puck on my backhand and cut back hard and drove the net. I was expecting the goalie to take me out and try to get a penalty, but he froze and the puck literally just slid right off my blade and in five hole.

First time I've ever scored a goal just by skating. And the second goal in two games that I scored without shooting the puck (tip in).

Somehow, we managed to get up 3-2 on these guys, again who were dominating us in the first half and constantly on the attack. With a minute left, they pull the goalie for the extra man, but we're keeping them from getting in the zone clean. Finally, with about 20 seconds left, they dump the puck, our goalie goes to steer it in the corner, it ramps up off his stick, off his arm, and goes top shelf.

End up tying the game 3-3. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. But just a strange game.

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