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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
It's funny how someone could declare a mistake on a prospect that recently turned 19. Let me guess, you can see into the future, so you already know how things are going to turn out for the '05 picks and you came here to enlight us for being excited about a first round pick.

I've got an idea, why not wait a couple years and see what actually happens instead of what people think may happen. In the end so what, what's the point. No matter where you pick or what team you are, you will make mistakes since there's only a small handful of great players that come out of the draft on average over time, so that means most teams will miss out on getting a great pick, so if Brule ends up being one of the best players in the NHL or Kopitar or any other name, then good for the team that picked them. It's great to see a team hit a home run with a pick cause it is a rare thing for the most part, even better when it's a later pick (although imo the spot where a player is picked in the long run is meaningless)

The Habs have made their mistakes at the draft table with each gm and will continue to do so, just as they have made good picks and will continue to do so. Gainey and his staff are clearly trying to build something in their mold, certain kinds of players with a mixture of character and skills. They hopefully know what they are doing, in 5+ years we will have a feel for how successful they were or weren't since they are just now starting to show minor dividends since Gainey took over as gm. Lats, Streit, Danis, Murray are the only prospects to see time with the Habs that Gainey either drafted, traded for or signed. Chipchura, Emelin, Price, Grabovski all could see time in the near future (1-2 years). That's from a 2 year draft period, so if most of them can work their way into the NHL and be effective, which at this point could still go either way, it would be great if the Habs could add a couple more effective NHLers. Not saying they will or won't but I like the chances that some of them will be full time NHLers down the road.

There's almost always going to be someone better picked after you make your pick, it happens a lot to all teams/gm's. The thing you want to see is that the team finds a way to pick exciting prospects that fit the teams plans. Most picks will end up being useless out side of career AHLers, which also have their place in the organization since they may play on a line with a future Hab, perhaps help them adjust to pro hockey easier etc... The hope is that you can grab an NHLer or two from a draft and if so you've done a good job no matter if you missed out on grabbing the star of the draft, cause the odds are 29 out of 30 will come up on the wrong end.

Most fans don't know what they are talking about in terms of scouting (I mean lets face it, how many people actually talk to any scouts, have ever done any sort of work with the scouting firms or even see the tools scouts use to record information when at the rinks) Yes it's fun to look back and it sucks that the Habs have missed the boat on grabbing a superstar. If onlys are fun to some but a waste of time as well. Yes it's too bad we didn't pick Hossa over Ward or Bergeron over Urquhart or Carter over Kostitsyn... I can go on and on as can 29 other teams.

The good news is that the Habs have continued to make good picks, they turned around their weak farm system and stocked it with a good mix of skills and depth. Most of these guys will never make it, but so far the Habs have been adding a good amount of young players to the team. Markov then Ryder, Komisarek, Higgins, Plekanec, Murray and Perezhogin all have made an impact with the team. Latendresse, Kostitsyn, Lapierre, Danis, Ferland, Grabovski, Chipchura, are all guys that likely will get a chance to show their stuff, what they do with it when they get there depends on a lot of various factors with luck being a big part of it imo. It looks good for the future as well. Yes the odds are that most of the recent picks will not make it and yes the odds are that another team took a better player, but as long as the Habs can continue to draft well (imo) and develop the players (which they have not done a great job in the past, but we'll see if Gainey changes that since it's still very early in his GM career with us) Then the Habs hopefully will continue to improve as a team and be more competitive.
All those players mentioned don't have anywhere near the potential of an Anze Kopitar or a Brule for that matter (not to mention bourdon as well). You just can't pass up on these kind of players, you can't tell me that you are satisying with the canadians lack of size down the middle. This has been a glaring weakness for the habs over the past several years, kopitar would have fit in very nicely centering the habs second line.'

Furthermore, many scouts had kopitar projected as the #5 pick overall. Why is it time and time again the habs keep on missing out on these superstar prospects? It really is odd.

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