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Originally Posted by Ezpz View Post
How bad is Shero going to look if Pittsburgh gets swept after their trade deadline? I guess going all in is a bad idea if you don't even have a #1 goalie. They only have 5 players signed past next year and their prospect pool is weak as ****, and they won't be adding to it at all with their zero picks unless they trade Malkin.
Well, Iginla is definitely washed up, how many people on here wanted him ?

... and the worst trade was by far Douglas Murray... he's so slow he makes Hal Gill look like ****ing Erik Karlsson... but again how many posters drooled about the possibility of adding him ??

Pitts defense is awfull, they really only have one PMD all the others, including Niskanen, can't move pass their blue line without turning the puck over.

They had trouble against a good offense like the Isle and they laughted at Ott's pittiful offense (that tells how bad the habs were )... but againt a good counter attack team like the Bruins that cluster the neutral zone, they have no chance at all.

This is why I hate today's NHL... you can have all the offensive talent in the world, it can't do anything against the trap and playoffs officiating... sucks...

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