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01-05-2004, 05:05 PM
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Thanks for the response, Punchy1

Originally Posted by punchy1
What would I do? Well, I will preface this by saying I am not an NHL caliber anything and neither is anyone else so my thoughts are going to only be as good as the rest of ours on the subject and of no more an expert position...
Fair enough. Of course, this is what we do here, right? We talk about what we like, what we don't like; we ask why they do what they do, and why they aren't doing what seems obvious to us. Since I am a Monarchs fan and somewhat new to the Kings organization (and this board), I am curious of course about how the Kings and you guys see the minor league helping to round out the roster with the right talent where you need it. We hate to see our guys leave, but we try to temper it with the fact that it is their shot and it's what the minor league is there for.

I just think that once a young player proves his ability to make it at the NHL level you have to give him his due until he proves he can't make it...

I only hope that when Aulin comes back from injury HE is sent down to Manchester for the remainder of the season instead of being given a shot at the Kings, that would send an awful message to Camms and the rest of the young lads...

Either leave them in the AHL to learn the pro game or bring them up and leave them here, I can only think that when you yank players like that around it has to send a mixed signal.
I would have to say I couldn't agree with you more. There's nothing much worse, for both the Monarchs as a team and the players as individuals, to get yanked to and fro from coast to coast, playing with altogether different teammates and different strategies. It's one thing to bring someone up in an emergency due to insurmountable issues resulting from injuries; it's altogether another to simply bring them to "the show" for what...a tryout in the bigs? That's what the camps are for. As you say, let them mature in a steady environment and if you are going to bring them up, keep them for a good long while. Don't bounce them around in a week's time frame. That just screws up their heads and our lines.

I would sack the whole lot of the coaching staff if we don't make a run this year. ...we are leading the team in injuries and I tend to think that it has something to do with what Avery have said, "We don't play team tuff".
Well, that's a pretty strong statement. However, the injuries of both this year and last are taking a terrible toll on the King's chances to make the playoffs and it's interesting how quickly the players get hurt. How many were seriously injured just coming out of camp? And then look at the injury list only a couple of weeks out of the gate as the season got underway. I know the Monarchs enforcers aren't hitting the way they used to. Flinn used to go right off the bench. Rullier wouldn't take a whole lot of guff from anyone. Now they just skate around while our centers and forwards get the crap knocked out of them. If it weren't for Smithson, the "baby-faced assassin" mixing it up, we wouldn't have anyone trying to keep the opposing team's heavy-hitters in line.

I read the interview that was referenced on this board in which Andy was saying how there's not much room for big fighters on the team anymore, or words pretty much to that effect. If that's his preference, for little enforcement on the ice, then I think that's going to come back and bite him where the sun don't shine by the end of the season. It'll be like fighting the tide with a bucket - the opposing team will just keep running at you and beatin' the heck out of you if you don't do something to stop them. Enforcement doesn't have to be a dirty word, but it is necessary.

That is what I would do. Is there more to the question or if I didn't answer what you were asking let me know. I didn't take any offence to your asking so feel free to discuss it with me, no ginger flower here mate.

Cheers mate, interesting question.
Thanks for taking the time to respond at such length. I appreciate hearing from a fan who takes such an interest in the team and the game as you seem to. I have similar discussions here in ManchVegas with guys like you on the comings and goings of our players both up to LA and down to Reading, and we have many of the same concerns regarding our coaching staff and what drives their decision-making, including whether Andy has his hand in what goes here as well.

Thanks again.

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