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Originally Posted by Ugmo View Post
I feel for TFC fans. I think the team is cursed. They could sign the entire roster of Real Madrid and would still find a way to be the worst team in the league.
It has gone past the point of "car crash you can't turn away from" and it is now moved into genuine "I feel sorry for players who come here, it isn't right to do that to a person, out of sympathy for all parties involved just put this franchise out of it's misery". I wouldn't even want the team to move because that would be cruel to whatever city it moved to.

For the record, I am a soccer fan who simply does not have a rooting interest (outside of TFC, and the Canadian and Irish national sides). The whole "who should I root for?" questions, invaraiably answered with "find a team that plays a style you like" discussion (which seems to occur alot in hockey and soccer), just doesn't do it for me. I watch the best teams and the biggest games because that is what is entertaining, but as a person who came to the sport (at the professional club level) at about 23 years of age, I found it simply impossible to get passionate about any team that I didn't grow up with.

Unless I live there, I just can't get passionate about a team.

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