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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Probably McDonagh+
Unfortunately, that's what it would take, and I don't recommend it one for one.

This is the comprehensive deal I came up with, and if need be, the mods can split it in half to make it less "outlandish", if we assume mere total # of assets involved = automatic outlandish.

I posted the following at the big board, for everyone's convenience here:

Well said^. Rangers in similar boat; no immediate need, but must make adjustments for cap, etc.

The premise of the OP is that Oiler hierarchy WANTS to assure PLAYOFFS this year, not just build to a stronger team that will blossom all at once and be a real powerhouse 3+ years down the road.

You may not be able to win it all now, but you want to all least be reasonably sure to get in for starters, and see how far you can go.


Assuming you yield to the premise, you must be more flexible about value. When we offer value for Yakupov, you can't say Gagner. While they were exhausted because of the stupidity of the Torts system, which thank God NY does not have to deal with going forward, the blunders by NYR D in the round w/Boston does not undo all their good play before.

You have constantly demanded McDonagh.
McD is more valuable to us than a single top 4 F, so no.

which can obtain your objective and result in a win-win.

However, you must stop attempting to overcharge the premium for Yakupov (who legitimately DOES command some premium, just not quite what you guys usually ask) and realize in the following, McDonagh is the premium piece commanding most/best return....

McDonagh, Girardi, MDZ, Brian Boyle, Christian Thomas, three 3rd picks 2013
J. Schultz, Yakupov, Marancin, Klefbom, Gernat, Pitlick, and Oilers 2013 1st (7th overall)

Oilers get 3 count em, THREE top 4 Ds replacing only 1 the other way. Including one who is Norris calibre. Thomas is 2nd round value, legit skills, only ? is his height, not his heart. Boyle, free of Torts, will have better year and is good 3C/4C, nice D, good FO. Three thirds in a deep draft. 8 total assets obtained.

Oilers still have firepower, and will be improved in bottom six. Loss of potential and futures, but improve on current picture except as to scoring by Yak, but again, EDM has firepower. EDM gets proven D, EDM wins.

Rangers do better on cap, a material consideration of the deal, convert Girardi into J. Schultz, have three nice prospects (former first rounder Klebom, second rounder Marncin, 5th rounder Gernat) who will contend for second/third pair positions. Pitlick, like Thomas is no sure thing, has less overall skill, but good speed, decent possible upside, eventual replacement Boyle, and the 7th overall pick. Total 7 total assets obtained.

Rangers either have great pair w/MStaal JSchultz or, trade him + to Canes for 5th overall +. Rangers then go to FL and ask if 5+ & buys you the 2. If no, is added affordable; if not enjoy 2 high picks, if yes, take McKinnon or Jones.

For purposes of this, assume that scenario and AVs take McKinnon, cause Roy likes him more.


revamped Ranger D:
Moore Jones
Klefbom/Maracin Schultz
Klefbom/Maracin Stralman
Gernat McIlrath

+ add Yak to top LW

Rangers younger, better cap w/ELCs, improved scoring
Rangers also win.


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