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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
There's no way. Wasn't PG and A GM with BG? Weren't they the ones that wanted AK instead. He was the Director of Professional Scouting then so idk if he has a say in amateur scouting.

When he took over as GM in 2010. Those picks (2010, 2011) were Tinordi, Beaulieu, I think Kristo as well and i'm missing some others. TT is the man. Anyone else who says otherwise is clearly delusional.

As for 2003-2010, BG probably had more of a push for CP31 in 2005, AK46 most likely in 2003 and in 2006 BG probably pushed for a defenseman who wasn't the BPA. 2007 was gold in McD, Patches, and Subban in the 2nd round which, IMO i think was all TT probably after telling Gainey "we did it your way before, let me have at it now, i'll get you some great talent." Lo behold, he has a top 4 defenseman, a top 6 power forward, and a top 5 NHL defenseman from those first 2 rounds.

Gainey joined the Habs as GM in May of 2003 and had nothing to do with the draft from what I recall reading. Also everything I heard was that Gainey was very hands-off when it came to the NHL draft.

Kristo was an '08 pick. I'd suggest taking a look at this site,

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