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06-04-2013, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsterix View Post
Once again, totally incomplete... if all of those guys were from the CHL as you suggest, they'd have to be signed by now. Remember, teams are allowed 50 contracts...
It is not because they are playing in the NCAA and not in the AHL, that we cannot evaluate them pretty accurately, I don't understand your point? I'm not comparing players that have been under contract, because obviously that would have been unfair. I'm comparing players that have or will play one day in the NHL. I'm sorry if this sound harsh, but if you really think that players pick on the NCAA side will become better than the player picked on the CHL side, you don't know much about hockey. Obviously we cannot be 100% sure, but still...
For example, someone ask to Timmins at the combine do you think that this draft would be one of the best draft ever. He responded "We can't tell now, but we will know in 2 or 3 years."
The players I have listed enter in that time frame, if not more.

Originally Posted by montreal View Post
Didier has a much, much better shot at the NHL then Walsh imo. It's still early for Didier but I would bet he sees time in the NHL. MacMillan as well.
I stick with my first evaluation, but you are not wrong to think otherwise. I might have been harsh on Didier just a little bit. I think that Walsh could surprise if is able to put his injuries behind him.

Originally Posted by montreal View Post
Seems crazy to me to think that 3rd-5th rounds should be CHL players. Timmins should be picking the best players, no matter what no matter where they are from imo. I just don't understand the logic to say so and so rounds need to be from this league and so and so rounds need to be from other leagues.
Obviously, yes you pick the best guy available whatever the league he is playing in. No doubt in my mind. But from what I have seen, I might be wrong and I don't have any statistic to prove it, I think that in the 3rd-5th rounds CHL players are a best bet, because there are still good prospects available at that stage and they are easy to compare, so there is less uncertainty. In the 6th-7th it is really a gamble.. go for what you want. But in that case I feel that CHL players become less of an option because of the same reasons, the good ones have already been pick and you have more certainty that those who are still available wont become anything great. Just my two cents.

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