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Originally Posted by regard View Post
Can't respond to anything I've said? Probably shouldn't put words in my mouth and get personal then. I didn't say he deserves any amount of money. I said you can't trade a player for a more complete player at the same position. And that such a player wouldn't cost less. I'm also saying Letang is getting a bad rap right now but there's a lot of players playing poorly.

But since I'm not afraid to answer questions directed at me. If Letang is one of the top scoring defensemen in the league then he probably will deserve that. And I'd hope coaching could clean up his decision making. If the team gets to be too to heavy I'm not saying he can't be traded but to think he's going to be traded for a better player somehow is nonsense.
Actually, you are full of **** and since you didn't respond to mine then I didn't respond to you...

My original post: (see I don't really care about your exposition... I'm on the LONG TERM TEAM BUILDING THREAD... My question was: Do we think Letang is worth 6.5 million +

I take it your answer is yes and a new coach. Sorry, I don't care about anything else you like to make up...

Do we really want to sign Letang at 6.5+ million for a guy who really isn't a great defender? Maybe work a trade to get a top 5 pick or a true #1 Defense first guy?

#1 Defender, Despres
Martin, Orpik
Bortuzzo, Engy, Dumo, etc..

Overall a better DEFENSE would help this team in the long run. i.e. would you rather have Letang or McDonagh or Ekmann Larsson... I look at the stats and what we need and they seem to be a better fit. Not hating Letang, but he's a little too much offense and not enough defense. Any one of the top teams would want Letang.

Also, I'm pretty sure Letang could get us a top pick.

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