Thread: Confirmed with Link: Pierre Groulx's contract will not be renewed
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06-04-2013, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
Yup and his style is terribad unless you're working with a big goalie with not a lot of skill.

Hopefully Allaire signs there and we avoid that nightmare.
Well... Patrick Roy had a lot of skill.
Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post
Price needs someone to train his MIND and not his way of keeping nets. Sometimes you see he's already mentally broken by a shot when he very feebly tries to block it

He's WAY too laid back. Even going to buy himself food seems to be tough for him...

He needs a person that will change the way he thinks; to make him want to block every single darn puck thrown at him with his teeth if need be and not just "try" to stop it.. A bit like Dominic Hasek would do: never abandon on the play!

And that cant be thaught.
Folks used to say the same thing about Yzerman and Lemieux... list goes on.

Different players have different personalities. Folks loved Messier and hailed him as a leader, then he goes to Vancouver and destroys the locker room. Meanwhile Yzerman who "didn't want to win enough, was too laid back and quiet and would never win" went on to captain multiple cups and is now considered one of the best leaders ever.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes man. And if Price doesn't win some folks will say he's too laid back. If he wins a cup we'll all be talking about how calm he is under pressure etc... Its all BS spin. It was hilarious how the instant Yzerman won the same guys who said he wasn't a leader praised him as Mr. Captain all of a sudden. Meanwhile Messier (who could do no wrong) destroyed his reputation with the Canucks.

Price is fine the way he is. Just let him be his own goalie. If he's not successful and we lose faith that's fine. But don't try to "fix" what isn't broken. Let him be and see how he develops.
Originally Posted by Saint Patrick View Post
Agreed completely, unfortunately for whatever reason I'm still unsure what style that is. Probably because he was coached into playing different styles, hopefully that changes next time around.
Hopefully we just let him be. He's been great for the most part and we should hope it continues. If he falters like he did at the end of the year then it's a different story.
Originally Posted by Lizardking89 View Post
His contract wasn't renewed same difference. If Price craps the bed after a third goalie coach then the problem is him not the coaching.
Like I said in my earlier post, I'm not even sure it made sense to fire him. Price has for the most part played extremely well for the better part of three years. He craps the bed at the end of the season and we fire Grouxl. Is that the goalie coach's fault? I don't know. I'm not sure what happened to Price at the end but if he finished the season the way he started it there's no way Grouxl is on the unemployment line.

Like I said, I just hope we hire somebody who can just let Price play his game. If we do that then we'll be fine. Just don't hire somebody who wants to "fix" him because that's when things get screwed up.

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