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Originally Posted by JimLaheyprobert View Post
All i know is montreal fans had a similar thread about should they have an enforcer or not. And the majority said they didnt need one. Then this happened...... And alot of ppl changed their mind about getting an enforcer. Now im sure many detroit fans would still not want an enforcer even if that happened to us but all i know is, if it did some ppl who were in favour of not having one would chhange their minds. I know id feel alot safer id we had one. And ur right colton orr and mclaren would not be on when datsuyk or zetterberg would usually be on, but they wud be on when say, pat eaves who has concussion problems already and even andersoon or nyquist and brunner (smallish guys who they would try and crush. And as for ur point that we should worry about pests, a enforcer would completley eliminate that lol. Type in pat keleta vs colton orr on youtube. Keleta was a ghost for the rest of that game.
It really wouldn't deter their antics and dirty plays. Pests will be pests, regardless of who's on our team. If the pest decides to engage with an enforcer then it's a different story and just stupid on their part, but to think having an enforcer on our bench would magically make him change is incredibly misguided.

Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
Draper had his face rearranged by Claude while we had McCarty, Lapoint, and Grimson on the team. Cooke boarded the guy on Boston, and they have plenty of tough guys. Neal's been blindsided a few times and Pittsburgh has Engelland. I don't really feel like going through the litany of players being cheapshotted regardless of who is on the bench, but it's a fallacy to think it's not going to happen just because you have a fighter dressed as your 12th guy. Player X is not going to worry about having to turtle for a few minutes if it means he makes Superstar Y far less effective for the next five games.
Basically this, word for word.

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